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Data Modeling 2020

Ellie’s roots go back to our co-founder Ari Hovi’s 40-year experience as one of the world’ most renowned data modeling gurus. When his son Johannes agreed to help Ari’s consultancy business it became soon obvious that there was a need to reinvent data modeling. The existing legacy modeling tools for on-premises databases and data warehouses were seriously out of date. They were too technical. With bloated UIs. Out of sync with the latest technologies. Thus Ari and Johannes sat down and penned out the first plans which eventually became Ellie.

Ellie’s development started in full steam in 2018. The goal has been from the start to offer a modern, cloud-based, light-weight modeling tool that does the job better, faster and overall more effectively than anything that came before. Ellie would not be limited to tech users but it would be visible across the organization.

After very positive initial feedback the product was spun off to a new company Ellie Technologies Inc. The first customers signed in 2019 and since then the company has been on a solid growth track. Today Ellie is developed and supported by a 10+ head passionate team. Our mission is to help any organization to get their data modeling to the next level, to serve the needs of the business better than ever before. From data driven business to business driven data.


Ellie in Numbers

1000+ users worldwide

1000+ models in production use

Reported 40% savings in data warehouse projects


Team Ellie

Emails are in the format first name dot last name at



Johannes Hovi


+358 50 367 0809



Juha Korpela




Pirita Paananen

CCO & UI/UX Lead



Jari “Jaffa” Jaanto




Mikael Lavi

Software Architect



Esa Ruoho



Ari Hovi

Senior Data Architect






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