Ellie brings IT and business professionals together

In data projects, such as building a Data Warehouse or a Big Data Platform, collaboration is a must. That is where Ellie steps in.

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What’s Ellie?

Business & IT

Collaborate and plan complex data unities

Ellie is a blueprint that enables business and IT people to sit down at one table to plan out complex data structures.

data architects & data engineers

Get started in 5 minutes

Ellie is simple. Almost ridiculously simple. And completely cloud-based, too! So no matter who or where you are, you can get started in just 5 minutes.


  • Data Model
  • Business Glossary
  • Collaboration
  • Integration
Tech team

40% more efficiency with integrations

Integrate Ellie with your Data Warehouse and automation tools to automate the tedious work of building the planned structures.

How it works

Ellie is for…

Data Warehouse & platforms

When building a Data Warehouse the tech team needs a set of requirements from the business stakeholders in order to deliver a reporting and analytics system – Ellie suits your needs perfectly if your Data Warehouse is data vault based!


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